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Not only I like soundtracks, but also like to sing-along.  The problem is that I have hard time to memorize lyrics.  Open the link to see how I solve the problem. 按下面链接 (click the link below): Soundtrack It’s like to watch six movies in less than 30 minutes!    

在那遥远的地方 每听此曲,不由得想起那无忧无愁的少女年代。那年头父母健在,三代同堂愚园路愚谷村。一大家子,和睦相处,不愁吃用,与世无争。记得那时没有多的外国歌曲可以听,这曲调与众不同,不是当时流行的进行曲大调 (major),我特爱听。没有数码,都是唱片。记得我已会打开唱机,轻轻放下唱针,经常播放。那时的中国,社会关系简单,没有竞争,不知发财,不懂失业。”祖国的人民多么辛福…“    

Yan’s Cuisine – Providence

June, 2018 Steam Jumbo Shrimp Garlic 鱼汤 Salt Pepper Shrimp Squid 清蒸全鱼 本楼香辣蟹 Soup Pea Pod Leaves Pork Kidney Hot Chill Pepper Shellfish & Vermicelli Steamed Jasmine Rice The Damage  

Opera House

The other day, I was counting to see how many Opera Houses I have been to or taken pictures of: Hungarian State Opera House –  located in central Budapest, it started construction in 1875 and opened to the public on the 27 September 1884. Prague State Opera – The theater itself originally opened in 1888 as the New German Theater and from 1949 […]

Foliage 2017

The best time to see Foliage in my area is the first two weeks of October.  Because the weather is unseasonably warm this year, Eugene and I decided to go Wachusett Mountain the third week of the month to give it a try.   Not a chance! We stopped at a big lake before we reached […]

Using 10 Stop filter

It was sunny and bright, good for travel but not what you want to take decent photos. Most of time when traveling, you do not have the luxury to wait for the right time. On the beach of Ribadeo, I used 10 stop filter to catch the silk like water in bright daylight. Here is […]

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