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From 11/4 – 11/12/2018 Instead of going with my ususal tour company Gate1Travel, this time is with Globus. After the tour, we will stay in Catania for two extra days on our own.

Malta 10/30-11/4/2018

This is a self guided pre trip before “Sicily Escape” led by Globus. 马耳他共和国,地处南欧,是一个位于地中海中心的微型岛国,有“地中海心脏”,“欧洲的乡村”之称“。首都瓦莱塔(Valletta)。 马耳他居民多信奉天主教,少数人信奉基督新教和东正教。1798年被法国占领。1814年沦为英国殖民地,1964年9月宣布独立,1974年成立马耳他共和国。2004年加入欧盟。 马耳他是一个高度发达的资本主义国家,经济以服务业和金融业为主,旅游业是马耳他主要的外汇来源。马耳他社会保障体系较为完备,实行免费教育,免费医疗及退休保险制。 Malta is a small, island country in the Mediterranean Sea that lies south of the island of Sicily, Italy.  It is a popular tourist destination with its warm climate, numerous recreational areas, architectural and historical monuments, including three UNESCO sites and seven […]


The other day I was talking to my friend about Iceland and I was confused as how many times I have been to.  Digging into old files,  It seems three times should be correct. 好多国家首都附近有“金三角”旅游区,苏联莫斯科附近有, 印度新德里有。冰岛不例外,雷克雅未克也有, 就是下图黑圈地区。走马看花,三四天游金三角够了。但既然远道而行,何不到Jökulsárlón 冰河,一路途经两个千仗瀑布:Seljalandsfoss 和skógafoss,( “foss” 冰岛语意为 “瀑布”),一黑沙滩:Vik Black Sand Beach,直至Jökulsárlón 冰河再返回, 也就一周左右而已。 2004 This was with a short get away […]


We visited this Scandinavia country briefly along with Norway and Sweden two years ago.  Our emphasis was on Norway. While I was searching for point of interests, Kronborg Castle came to my attention. Immortalized as the setting of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Kronborg Castle is one of the most important Renaissance castles in Northern Europe and has been added to UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites list. Eric is […]


Again, the same friend of mine is planning for Spain trip which makes me think back to revisit the beautiful country. I have been to Spain number of times in a span of over ten years.  The first time was in 2004.  I had a Sony camera F707 which of cause was long gone.  I […]


A friend of mine is planning to go Norway which makes me think back to revisit the beautiful country. We went in 2015.  After two + years, thanks to computer, I can still post the map: The first thing came to my mind is Lærdal Tunnel  I would never forget it as it was so long that few times […]

Lofoten in February

It was warm in Dubai in January.  Time for winter adventure now. Trip was set between 2/24/18 – 3/5/18. We covered area between and around Svolvær and Å. The Lofoten Islands is in the arctic circle, remote and difficult to reach. Although we went to Norway before, we could not make it to Lofoten because it has […]

Camino de Santiago, Spain

9/2 to 9/15, 2017 Madrid, Spain — Bordeaux, France The original plan is to drive from Madrid to Bordeaux France and then fly back to Madrid.  As soon as we learned that car rental would be ridiculously expensive if we had  crossed the border to return it in France, we changed plan to end our […]

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